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Growth Charts for Premature Babies

Best Child Specialist in Noida

Premature infants are not normal. Factors that lead to premature delivery are maternal smoking, hypertension, preeclampsia, diabetes, and repeated courses of antenatal steroids. It affects foetus growth.  The Best Child Specialist in Noida checks your baby after birth and reviews your baby's or child's growth. The growth chart for premature babies is probably the most important data for your paediatrician.

If a baby delivered before 37 completed weeks gestation is called a premature baby. Growth charts are used to inform nutritional support and medical care.

The Best Pediatrician in Noida told that Growth charts are an essential part of neonatal care. Plotting infant data on growth charts at birth and post-birth is give assessing to compare the quantity and quality of growth. The growth chart has data from 28 weeks of foetus life to age 2 years. It allows weight, length, and head circumference to be charted.

These preterm infants of less than 32 weeks gestation “low birth weight” chart should also be used for other infants requiring special care in the early weeks.

How to create a child’s growth chart:

  1. The child's weight and length/height entered as per Maternal and Child Health practice guidelines.
  2. Enter the date, weight and length/height in the child's health record at the time of birth
  3. Plot the child's weight and length/height on the relevant chart and compare to the previous measures.
  4. Use dots to plot but don't join the dots into a line.
  5. Age errors are the most common mistakes in growth chart.
    1. Corrected age = Gestational age - Number of weeks premature
  6. In growth chart all lengths and weights for premature infants are plotted as 'corrected' age.

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